Monday, November 9, 2009

School Pics

Sorry, no more Genesis today. Jeremiah stayed home sick from school, so I've been distracted. And today was picture retake day. Jeremiah and Angela needed their pictures redone. Oh, well. So, Jeremiah's going to look more like his normal, goofy self in his school pictures than like the child on his very best of behavior and totally normal. Being normal is not normal for him at all, so I guess you'll all get to see his true self in his school pics! Angela will hopefully be getting some better one's in a few weeks. Chloe's turned out perfect. I swear the camera loves that girl!


  1. oh man i so agree chloe is just a great at pictures. HEHE at jeremiah, hey what is normal for him, never seen him that way. LOL.

  2. A goofy smile and a t-shirt that doesn't fit him quite right. Oh, and apparently we had to sign the kids up for picture retakes, not just send them with their other pictures and dressed and ready to have their picture taken, so Angela didn't have her retakes done either!