Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Very Big Cub Scout (Soon To Be Boy Scout)

Wow! More Boy Scouts! My Jeremiah is going to a troop meeting tonight. It keeps us really busy, this transitioning from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. No one told me his last year in Cub Scouts would mean taking him to both Boy Scouts troop meetings and his usual Cub Scout activities and some of the Boy Scouts activities as well. Although, it does make sense to get them used to Boy Scouts while they're finishing up their requirements for Cub Scouts, instead of just waiting for them to bridge over to Boy Scouts in the spring and send them to Boy Scout camp with a bunch of kids they don't know in the summer. Definitely would like him to know some of the kids he'll be spending that week in the summer with. He very much enjoys Cub Scouts and is very excited about moving up to Boy Scouts. He's growing up so fast, but it is kind of fun being a part of it. Even if I seem to only be a small part at this point in his life. He's joining a troop with a boy from our church as well, so he'll really be comfortable in this troop. Not that he wouldn't quickly adjust to any troop. He's very easy that way. Very personable and fun.


  1. That's cool! Next year Isaiah will be old enough to be in Cub Scouts. I'm excited!

  2. It is loads of fun, and since you're moving back to Pullman, Josh will be in charge of the district you are in. Not the pack, so you won't see him usually, probably not at all. The leaders mostly see him.