Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Okay, a friend asked me to do this. We're confessing things that we've done as a mother that we didn't think we'd ever do when we weren't parents and thought we were soooo cool and sooooo smart. Well, here goes. You guys are probably going to think I'm totally disgusting when I'm done. Let's see if I can think of five.

1. I have wiped my kids noses with my shirt.
(I think most of these will be about nose wiping)

2. I laugh when my son tries to burp real loud, and I say, "Good one!" instead of telling him it's impolite!

3. I actually once told my son to hit his little sister back when she hit him. She was about a year old and he was almost 3 and a lot bigger than her! Plus just the fact that he's a boy. She barely touched him and he started bawling and ran to me, crying, "Mommy, Angela hit me!" I turned around, in shock that he was crying about this and said, "You're bigger than her! Hit her back!"
He didn't by the way. I think he was just as shocked that I said that as I was.

4. I've wiped there noses with my hand.....in public. Of course the awkward part is then, trying to figure out what you're going to wipe your hand on.

5. Now, that my kids are older, I sometimes let them fend for themselves for meals, especially if I'm sick, like today.

Now, you know what an awful, lazy, disgusting mom I really am. Hope you still like me.

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