Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Dresser and A Confused Mom

I have a feeling the reason why there are no comments on my posts this week is not because you all have not had anything to say, but because you are not as addicted to blogging as I am. I cannot stay off of here, even when I obviously have nothing new to tell you. My girls finally got their new dresser this morning and they are very excited. Their daddy won't let them put any labels on their dressers which none of us are very happy about, because we have to remember where everything goes. What a pain! I can't even remember what day of the week it is half the time. I'm constantly questioning myself on where it is I'm supposed to be on any given day, cause I'm rarely 100 percent sure it's the day I think it is. I'm usually right, but I still get confused sometimes. Oh, well. We'll see if I can put their clothes away properly without labeled drawers.

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  1. Have fun with the new dressers! Too bad they can't put labels on them. Maybe you can tape a chart to the wall next to it? We usually do the underwear/sock drawer on top, shirts middle, and pants on bottom.
    Happy Thanksgiving! I haven't been around on Blogger much lately because I've been busy packing!