Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Not So Typical Sunday

I know. I've been on here a ton lately. I've just needed to express myself and writing is my favorite form of expression. My private journal has gotten a lot of writing in it as well. My two older kids were invited to hang out with the youth group this afternoon. We all had lunch with them at the church and then Jeremiah and Angela stayed for the movie they are watching. They're watching Bolt. My kids have seen it like 3 times already, but they wanted to stay. I think they're feeling pretty cool getting to hang out with the teenagers. I'll be picking them up in an hour. Chloe is liking being home with just me. Josh is in LaCrosse at a board meeting discussing starting a Boy Scout Troop there. He should be home this afternoon. After that, we'll probably have a couple of hours to all relax as a family before Josh has to go deliver pizza. That's his second job that he only does on Sunday nights. Trust me, we need the extra money for all our extra medical bills!

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