Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Happy Little Pretend Cowgirls

Yay! School's starting back up again tomorrow! Maybe I can get back to our silly devotionals with me as your host! The kids and I went to church today without Josh. He wanted to just lay on the couch and move as little as possible so his burn can heal some more. He's got all kinds of gross, messy stuff he's putting on it to help it heal. It finally formed a scab, so it's a little easier to deal with, but still kind of painful! My uncle stopped by and dropped off Angela's birthday present from grandma while we were gone. It's only late because she got the wrong size when she came up for her birthday on Halloween. Halloween's not her birthday, the day after is, but grandma came on Halloween with Angela's ill-fitting cowGIRL boots. This pair fits and she's a very happy little wanna be cowgirl. I keep trying to call them cowboy boots and I always get corrected. Now Chloe has her old pair, so both my girls have cowGIRL boots and they are VERY happy about it! Chloe's are pink, so she's really happy, and Angela's happy that hers aren't. She has big girl CowGIRL boots now. Just like the one's her Mommy had growing up. Of course, I had the horse and the ranch and everything to go with them and hated it! So, now I'm raising my kids in town and they dream of living the country life I once lived. Doesn't that just figure! I longed for their life and they long for mine. The grass truly is always greener, I guess.

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