Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I clearly have not communicated well. Either that or it is true that no one could possibly even begin to understand me. Someone who is incapable of doing anything but laundry. If I had the money to go visit people on trips I've been invited to attend I woudn't be able to go, cause I'd have to travel alone and even with all the help provided in the airport, I'd never find my airplane. I've always gone in groups and in total fear followed them everywhere like a puppy dog for fear I'd get lost, cause I've been lost so many times. I won't even go to the bathroom unless someone else needs to go, too. I did once cause I was traveling with my husband and the bathroom was right in front of me and I made my husband promise me he wouldn't move a single muscle. I'm telling you if anything ever happens to him I'll be institutionalized because I can't do a single thing. I can't even make sense of one single bill, can't talk to people on the phone. I'm not being funny. I'm being serious. Josh makes me look normal, cause he takes care of everything for me. But I'm not. I'm crazy. I'm not even safe to be out in the world.


  1. The Lord has put you on my heart today. I am praying that you will be encouraged and that you will see yourself as your Creator sees you. God doesn't make junk. He made you with a great personality, a hungry heart for the Lord, a sweet smile, and a lot of common sense. These are positive qualities that I am praying will encourage you today and help you get through whatever is going on. Love you, Shellie.

  2. I'm hoping you're the Connie I think you are, and love, by the way. And Thank you. I'm starting to see things a little more clearly with the help of friends and family, to my surprise. Most of my family is not very helpful, but on this one one of my inlaws was helpful. I know my family wouldn't be. That's why they're not my "friends." Of course, they're not on facebook which makes that a lot easier. They're technologically challenged, which is good for me.