Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My ipod

Did I mention that I got an ipod? Josh and I found a used one for a good price. And it was my favorite color at that! Not that it really matters, but it's neat to see how God pays attention to the teeny little details of what He knows would thrill you, as simple as they may be. And that was one of the things that was driving me crazy. Not having a way to listen to my music all over the house as I move throughout the house working. All I had before was my laptop, which you pretty much can't hear even turned up to full volume unless you're sitting right in front of it. Not very good speakers. So now my music goes with me everywhere! It's only a 1GB, but I can switch out the music when I want some new stuff from the library I have on my computer, on iTunes. It's quite enough for me, for now. Although, I still really want an ipod Touch. Someday maybe.

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