Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm sorry I've been so disheartening lately and upset so many of you. I know you're concerned about me airing my dirty laundry, and especially my husband's dirty laundry and you're right. I shouldn't air my husband's dirty laundry. I can mention that we're struggling, but not drag out every detail of his issues on here. I'm working on not doing that. Although, let me tell you there are a lot more issues even more deeply personal for him that I will never share on here. Even if you begged me I wouldn't. But I shouldn't have even shared what I did. However, when it comes to my personal stuff, I don't really care who knows about it. There are some details I will never share with anyone, because it wasn't healthy for me to have that stuff in my head and it wouldn't be healthy for anyone else either, so I won't put that on you. It's bad enough that it's on me. Now with counselors I have, because it was necessary and they are professionally trained to handle that kind of thing. But not with the general public. It would mess you up! I promise you it would! God has been gracious in allowing me to completely forget some of the details of the abuse I have experienced, but a lot of it I just had to learn to think differently about it. I honest think, though, that if people see the stuff, even the ugly stuff, that goes on in my head, maybe they won't feel quite so alone. And that makes it worth it to me. It's not like they have my phone number and home address. I don't put that information online.

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