Friday, January 22, 2010

Mundane Stuff Of Life

Okay, this will be one of those posts on the mundane things of life. Chloe is listening to Point Of Grace on my ipod. At least that's what was playing when I gave it to her. I have it set on shuffle, so she'll be listening to all sorts of Christian music. We went to the church this evening and had dinner with my CR friends and got some books from the church library for the kids. Then, Chloe and I came home while a friend kept Angela so she could have fun with the kids downstairs. I didn't think Chloe should stay since she still has a stuffy nose. I sure hope she gets better soon. If she's not better by Monday, I think I'll take her to QuickCare to see if maybe she has a sinus infection. She's shown signs of possibly having one and she's had one once before. Angela's watching tv. I'm going to let the girls stay up since it's just us tonight and no school tomorrow. Although, Angela does have hockey practice in the morning, so I won't let her stay up too late. Share more later.

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