Monday, January 11, 2010

Surviving On Caffeine

Okay, I've survived today on caffeine. I'm real tired, though. I didn't sleep real well last night, either, cause my sinuses were driving me crazy! So much pressure and burning. Yuck! Can't stand it. There seems to be absolutely nothing I can do about it when that happens, either! What a pain! I sure hope to get back to Genesis here real soon. Hopefully before this week is up. My kids are home from school, so too many distractions right now. We're planning to have our cable turned off here soon, so I'll have lots more time, since all those marvelous crime scene shows won't be calling my name.


  1. Shouldnt tell you this becauase than you will be watching them again, but sometimes you can watch full episodes of shows the interenert from the provider that puts them out. Like and so on. HEHE.

  2. Yeah, I thought of that. I probably won't though, cause I can't sit on my couch and watch since I no longer have a working router. Don't like sitting at the desk to watch shows.