Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kangen Water

Well, Chloe's not feeling well, again. So, she's staying home. Hopefully she'll sleep. She has a hard time doing that during the day even when she's sick. Especially when I can't get her brother and sister to get ready for school QUIETLY! With her ADD she's very easily stimulated and they don't get how difficult (impossible) it is to get her settled down once they rile her up. They do this just before bed, too, when they're supposed to be reading or watching tv to quiet themselves before bed. They tease her and tickle her and stuff. She's their favorite play thing. I kept hearing her making noise this morning, so I'm afraid she'll wake up too much to get back to sleep and then she won't get enough rest and she won't get well anytime soon.

Speaking of health, my friend keeps wanting me to buy my own Kangen machine, so I can have all the different types of water that do different things including cleaning and dissinfecting! Unfortunately, even if I had the money, I'm not sure I would do it. Health-wise I really haven't seen enough results to justify spending $4,000 on a machine! It's the most ridiculously overpriced thing I've ever seen. It would have to create miracles for me to be willing to spend that much money on it. Sure the 11.5 ph water saved a shirt I was going to throw away because it was so badly stained. And I haven't been sick much this winter, which I'm usually sick all winter! Once I get a cold, normally I stay at least mildly ill until April, but look at Chloe. She's not well at all. It doesn't seemed to have helped her at all and it's very impractical for our lifestyle. We spend a lot of time outdoors away from electricity, I mean like days away from electricity. We're obviously not going to haul jugs of water out into the woods. Just tablets to filter the water. Okay, I don't go that far into the woods to where there isn't a water faucet at least sticking out of the ground somewhere, but I'm certainly not packing water to go camping. The idea is to pack light! And Josh and Jeremiah tend to like the sort of camping where they have to purify their own water without running water or electricity, so while this machine can do amazing things at home, it doesn't work for an outdoorsy family to drink it regularly. I think it's a little excessive to even expect people to haul their own water to work. It screams obsession to me and anything I have to obsess over to keep up cannot be all that healthy.


  1. That would be a pretty big investment! And once you have the machine, do you have to buy stuff to refill it?

  2. Oh, and sorry to hear about your sick kiddo. Hopefully she's feeling better soon!

  3. Both girls seem to be pretty healthy today. I'm not sure about the refilling thing, but I did find another machine equally as good (they've done comparisons) for a lot less money. It's called KYK Genesis Water Ionizer if you're interested.