Monday, August 23, 2010

Bible Study Over The Summer

Okay, I think I've covered all the stuff of interest from Camp Grizzly. I did complete the bible study, Ruth, by Kelly Minter while I was there. I learned much from Ruth. I was a little worried it was going to be a boring study, but I was so wrong. At the recommendation of Beth Moore, I should have known better. Plus, I did another Kelly Minter study with Beth Moore leading it through her blog two years ago, so it's not like I'd never sat under Kelly's teaching before. She's truly amazing. The most painful part for me is when she "showcased" Ruth's work ethic. I have zero work ethic. I have never thought I should have to work, since I had such a painful childhood. I've always sort of used it as an excuse to be lazy, but I learned that God wants to use me and realized that I could trust Him to give me success. I was going through Beth's book "Get Out Of That Pit" at the same time, so I think that helped. I'm still struggling through a lot of issues, but I'm working through it. The problem I do have is that I'm usually too ashamed to let others help me and believe me I do need help. I'm just afraid to admit I don't have it all together. Guess I get that from my way too proud mother who was always ashamed of me.

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