Friday, August 20, 2010


I suppose ya'll are curious about the killer sqirrels at Camp Grizzly after my Grizzmas post. Okay, first of all one day a Scoutmaster and some of his Scouts were sitting at their campsite and they watched a squirrel go up into a nest and take out a baby bird, and take off to eat it and then he continued returning for more baby birds until he'd cleaned out the nest. I was amazed by this story. When my husband told me, I said something like, "Aren't squirrels only supposed to eat nuts? I thought they were like vegetarians or something." My husband, said, "Yeah, that's why it's so strange." He warned the Scouts that when he (the squirrel, not my husband) ran out of birds he'll start going after Scouts. I told my kids the same. I know. I'm a terrible mom. The funny thing is then one day a kid was at the 3D archery range and he went to retrieve his arrow and when he leaned down to get his arrow, a squirrel bit him. He was so mad that he picked up his bow and shot the squirrel. So that's how "On the First Day Of Grizzmas my true love gave to me a kid getting bit by a squirrel" got put into the Grizzmas song.

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