Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Lentil Festival

The Paparazzo family will be heading off to Pullman for the Lentil Festival in just a few minutes. If it's like normal we will watch the parade, eat ice cream and then whine for the rest of the day. Well, my kids will whine. I won't. My husband will complain about the kids whining and so will I. So I guess in a way we'll all whine. We'll get lunch somewhere and probably not get to many of the booths or activities, because no one will be able to agree on anything and we have to stick together. It's great fun. Really, it is! Actually, I don't know why we bother. Other than this year we have to, because Jeremiah will be in the parade. And maybe Josh, too. I'm not sure. So it may be a little different this year. That's always our hope. We keep hoping our kids will grow up enough to enjoy it and not whine.