Thursday, August 19, 2010


Okay, enough of the tough stuff for now. Back to Camp Grizzly. I believe I never told you about Grizzmas! Grizzmas is held annually at Camp Grizzly on July 25th. This year it was on a Sunday, so it was the first day of the last Boy Scout camp. We had a gift exchange like you've probably done around Christmastime. We also sang a Grizzmas song. The Twelve Days Of Grizzmas. It covered many of the highlights of Camp Grizzly up to that point such as 3 no show staff, 2 broken trucks, and a kid getting bit by a squirrel. I'll tell you our killer squirrel tales some other time. Camp Grizzly definitely has some unusual squirrels.We ate junk food and had a very noisy gift exchange. They decorated the dining hall for this occasion. It reminded me of the Nightmare Before Christmas. I've never actually seen the movie, but I've seen posters and things of course. Typical mom that I am after I got inside (you had to crawl through a maze to get inside) my first thought was, "This is going to be fun to clean up before bed." (Sarcastically, of course. That's generally how I think.) But it was loads of fun. Of course, this party started after opening campfire and after the campfires were put out, so I would say that this party started around 1o or so, maybe later. I wasn't really watching the clock, which is quite unusual for me. My kids were up way past their bedtime! They were exhausted at the end and I had to leave before the I'm sure very joyous cleanup to get my children to bed. We got to bed around midnight! And man, oh, man, was I tired. I'm surprised I managed to get up in time for breakfast and I'm even more surprised that my kids did. The gifts were not extravagant. People working at Boy Scout camp don't make a lot of money. Some of the gifts were pretty nice. Others were silly. Of course those are the fun one's. One person got a case of soda. I ended up with a box full of cute girly socks! I was thrilled. Most of them were Christmas socks, which I absolutely loved! I might even wear the High School Musical socks at some point just for kicks! That is if my girls will let me. They love HSM. My hubby got a beach bucket with all kinds of fun kid stuff in it, not to mention a bottle of Suave for Men. He really needed that, you know, because of how much hair he has. (I'm being sarcastic again.) I do find it amusing that they make a 3-in-1 for men. It's shampoo, conditioner, and body wash all in one. I've never seen anything like that for women, because no woman in her right mind would actually want to wash her skin and her hair with the same substance! Anyway, the kids loved his gift! So did I! I got a new pair of flip flops out of that deal! Chloe got a new rubber ducky for her extensive rubber ducky collection and the girls also got Disney Princess bouncy balls and yo-yo's. For some reason Josh was happy to give that stuff up! He he. They had a slushy maker in there that looks like it would take hours to make slushies with! I prefer my Magic Bullet, thank you! Jeremiah is using the shampoo. Knowing him he's probably using it as body wash, too. I wouldn't.

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