Monday, August 16, 2010


First, I'll tell you one of the most annoying parts of Camp Grizzly. It's called Grizzlarky! What is Grizzlarky? It's basically when the staff starts getting bored and pulling pranks. Most of them aren't so bad, but when they woke up my very sick son at 6 in the morning banging stuff around and shouting "Morale Patrol! Morale Patrol!" I'm not sure if they were trying to boost morale or what, but it did quite the opposite in my cabin! My son woke up with severe stomach pains and my husband had only arrived back at camp at 2:30 in the morning from having to take a Scout to the hospital the night before, so he was hoping to sleep in a little longer than that. That was earlier even then we were used to getting up! Well, Josh sometimes had to get up earlier than that, but me and the kids never did. Flags weren't until 7:50 am! They were always putting people's stuff in trees! One day I walked into the staff area and there were staff dropping out of a tree. They were all getting their stuff out of the tree. I was like, "We have a tree that grows staff. How interesting. We can certainly use the extra help, but I don't know where they're going to sleep!" Something really funny that they did was they put all the 3D archery targets on the soccer field in soccer formation. All that effort just to be funny. The only one that really made me mad I guess was getting woke up in the morning. The rest was really kind of funny!

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