Monday, August 30, 2010

Girls Are Very Busy

I've been very busy today, with laundry and dishes and kids. I had to take Angela to play with her friend, Maggie. She hasn't seen her in a while. Of course, they'll be seeing each other almost every day once school starts, but still. Besides, then they don't get to play continuously. They're going to be interrupted frequently by teachers and other students. So it's really the last time they can play together without interruption. I'm glad she has such a great friend to play with. Chloe got her present from her grandma (my mom) today. She got a little stuffed horse on a clip. I guess it's called a Klip Kinz, so it's made by the same people who make WebKinz. She named it Heather, which was the name of the horse I rode througout junior, high school, and college, and she passed away just a couple of years ago on my parents ranch. I thought it was really sweet of her to name her horse after the horse I never really got a chance to say goodbye to before she died. Anyway, she also got a new outfit from grandma that she is planning to wear to school on the first day.

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