Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Quiet Sunday!

I'm shocked at how tired I am! I mean I really didn't do that much today. I got up to get me and the girls ready for church. Got some breakfast for me and Chloe. I couldn't get Angela up in time to eat anything. She had to get dressed and run out the door with her hairbrush in hand. Yeah! She had to brush her hair on the way to church! Good thing she's not old enough to think she HAS to get her make-up on yet. So, we went to church and afterward we went to WinCo. I had to get some detangler spray for Chloe. Her hair was nearly the death of both of us this weekend, and after ripping out half her already fine hair this morning, I had just about had it. This was after shampooing and conditioning it yesterday. Didn't help much. I have no idea how she gets her hair in such horrendous knots while she's sleeping. What does she do? Headbang! It's crazy! And of course, I was so hungry when I went to the store that I bought junk food for lunch. I think my blood sugar was real low for some reason, cause I was shaking. I had some change left over from Chloe's birthday money. Not enough to really get her anything fun with, so I got me and the girls some soda's from the soda machine on the way out. After eating our goodies Chloe played with her new Polly Pockets she'd bought with her money the day before and Angela went to play at a friends house. I took a nap. I woke up to a pleasant surprise. My husband was asleep in the bed next to me! Yay! He got home a little earlier than expected so we got a little nap together and got to talk a bit before he had to run off to his pizza delivery job. That was nice. I thought he was going to drop off his sutff and run out the door again, but he didn't. I got some hubby time in! Shortly after that I made potatoes and gravy for me and the kids and then we sort of hung out and did fun relaxing things until it was time to send them to bed. Not really a busy day at all. I hope I'm ready to hit it hard again tomorrow, cause boy do I need to!

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