Friday, August 13, 2010

Bare Feet

Yes, I've returned to civilization. Not sure I like it, but here I am. Here there are shopping lists and a lot more laundry and cleaning and cooking and just plain business. Here I'm expected to be clean and to clean. I even have to change clothes regularly! I'm just kidding. Really I did change my clothes regularly. I just washed one set of clothes one day and wore the other. Nobody cared that I looked exactly the same way I did the day before. After all, they did too. They were all wearing Boy Scout uniforms every day. At least I got to wear colors! For the life of me I can't figure out what color nail polish one should wear with a Boy Scout uniform. My feet look horrible after an entire summer of being stuffed inside closed toed shoes and I don't care. I'm not wearing shoes anyway. I think I will not wear shoes for most of the rest of the year. After all I had to wear them the one time of year that most people don't. So if you see me in flip flops in two feet of snow this winter, you know why. It's my husbands fault. So what if I would have damaged my feet so badly they'd have to amputate! Okay, obviously I do care, because I did wear closed toed shoes all summer, but you know what I mean. I will tell you little stories from Camp Grizzly at some point, but that's what's on my mind for now. Mostly enjoying my bare feet, no matter how ugly they are. Feet are kind of gross anyway. Have you noticed?


  1. nothings better then bare feet. I use to never like it but i do know. OH and go to our church you may see some bare feet there. yeah we are called a Red Neck Church. Anyways i am glad you guys are home now, even though you were closer to me then you are now. So i here you are all by yourself this weekend. Hmmm what to do. yeah make those kids work i think that would be a good thing HEHE. Anyways toodles and have a fun weekend

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  3. Hi Shellie,
    It's great to find you on facebook then here! :) I love reading blogs. Makes me feel less alone in this crazy yet wonderful mother's life! :) Hope you are well, sounds as though you are. Great to catch up on you! :)